New for 2018

Design Four

Nice circular overlaying of logo designs.  Can play with the colors as needed to match the garment.  


We worked on this for a month.  Hope you like the new design!


A Quasar medallion design featuring the SOS and new logo.

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SOS Backhand Series

This is the original "Suits-on-suits" Backhand Series logo.  Spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts all come together to embrace the Backwards B insignia.  Talk about love for the game!

"Truly Original" Combo

This script slogan makes a statement about the original game concept that underpins The Backhand Series, and also those who wear it.

2-16-1 Patch Style

Two stars, 16 points and one meaning...  2016 was the birth year of The Backhand Series and a true legend in the making.

"Backwards B"

So why is the B backwards?  It represents the uniqueness of the original game concept which underpins The Backhand Series.  Click here to read more.

16 Point SOS Quasar

This is a really cool design.  We combined the two 8-pointed stars to make one 16-pointed quasar, bursting with energy and bearing the SOS Backhand Series logo.  The Quasar star has 16 points to represent the year that The Backhand Series was born 2016.

16 Point "Backwards B" Quasar

This take on the 16 point quasar bears the Backwards B insignia in the center.

16PT Quasar SOS BB

This is a mash-up of three different designs that come together very well.  The SOS Backhand Series logo sits in front of the 16PT Quasar centered on top of an enlarged Backwards B logo.  The Backhand Series in cursive script lets you know what we're all about at the bottom, with the year The Series was established at the top.  

16 Point "Backwards B" Quasar MC

One of the few designs for the third game in The Series "Missouri City Backhand."  

16 Point "Backwards B" Quasar BB

Buffalo Bayou Backhand is the second in The Backhand Series and this quasar design is a nice touch.  You'll also notice that we tend to reverse all capitalized letters in our designs.  This is in keeping with the Backwards B.

Color Options

Design colors can be changed depending on availability and application.  If you have a color suggestion, please contact us!

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